About Harris Marine

Harris Marine was established in 2004.

The company was born out of Mike's passion and enthusiasm for jet boating. Mike is a fully qualified Automotive Engineer with a background in structural engineering and has been jet boating all his life.

The Services we can offer vary widely depending on your needs. We can fit out a custom boat from start to finish or supply you with the products you need to complete the job yourself, with expert advice and back up service. We work totally around your needs and ideas giving advice on what products work best to get the maximum performance from your boat. We specialize in all of the new generation LS motors with the latest tuning software. Mike has spent some time in Australia dyno tuning and learning from the experts. We also carry out repairs on boats and trailers, services and general maintenance. We have a wide range of jet boat products on offer, some of which are available in our online shop. 

Its all about jet boats!!