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355 CU IN CHEV V8 - Price reduced

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    · 350 Dart 4 bolt block + .030
    · Callies 65800 crank
    · 6” Ross racing Rods - forged steel
    · Ross Racing pistons - full floating - spirolox
    · Total seal, moly, gaples 2nd compression rings
    · Clevite std cam bearings
    · Clevite main bearings - 10
    · Clevite big end bearings - 10
    · Melling oil pump and drive
    · Pete Jackson gear drive (timing gears)
    · Iskenderian roller camshaft - 505T
    · Iskenderian roller camfollwers
    · Iskenderian hardened push rods
    · Iskenderian rev kit
    · Iskenderian roller valve springs
    · Iskenderian valve retainers and split locks
    · Roller rockers 7/16”
    · Iskenderian hardened guide plates
    · ARP 7/16” screw in studs
    · ARP jam nuts (tappet adjusters)
    · 1.6” one piece exhaust valves
    · 2.020” one piece inlet valves
    · Stud girdle 7/16”
    · GM Bowtie 64cc angle plug heads
    · Felpro engine gasket set
    · ARP head bolt stud kit


    · Line bored main tunnels - std
    · Torque plate bored and honed +.030
    · Block decked square to crankshaft centreline
    · Cylinder bores - block surface machine and copper o.ringed
    · Oil galleries metered (restricted) to overhead gear
    · Standard cam bearings fitted
    · Crank ground and polished and oilways chamfered - 10-10
    · Engine crank, pistons, rods etc balanced
    · Cylinder heads ported
    · 3 angle valve seats and valves
    · Cylinder heads spring heights set
    · Engine assembled to date - minus all electrics, and carburettor or injection? water pump

    Contact me for further info or see on trademe auction #303764703


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  2. Mike

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    I know the engine and it is exactly as stated, I am happy to talk to anyone that is interested in it :big_smile:

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    Now Sold

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