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  1. Mike

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    I have been working on the remote tuning system with EFI Live so that you can log all of the engine parameters on your LS engine. This system allows you to load any tune that I email you and then log its performance including wide band O2 which is supplied in the kit. It is very easy to use and upload the log from your engine to your computer (home computer you dont need a laptop in the boat) from the small device supplied.
    I can make changes to the tune based on the log files supplied and then send the updated tune to you which you put into the device from your home computer and then load it into the boat computer from the device.
    The device also allows you to monitor the parameters of the engine on its display and reset any fault codes.
    In order to make it economical I need to sell 5 of the set up as I have to purchase in lots of 5.
    This will work in boats and cars

    You get
    EFI Live AutoCal modified to log wide band
    Innovate motorsports digital wide band interface with bosh O2 sensor and cables.
    My ongoing support by email and getting the best from your engine
    making sure that your engine is safe and operating at its best in your environment.
    The ability for me to email a tune and have you put it into the engine computer which means that you dont need to send me your computer and then log its operating condition and make changes.
    You can check how your engine is running on the display.

    The price is $800nz Plus gst if in NZ. email harrismarine@xtra.co.nz if interested

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  2. Mike

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    Things have progressed to a point that you will be able to hire the gear,

    Finally, I have the remote tuning sorted I know a few are waiting for this .I am now confident in the way it is working, so anyone that has an LS engine running the LS1 ECU or a Link G4 that I have supplied can now use the remote tuning option anywhere in the world as long as you have some basic computer skills.
    You can now data log the engine with the equipment that I supply, then email the file to me where by I can check the parameters of the engine including the air/fuel ratio and make changes to the tune and email it back to you, then you can upload it back to the ECU .
    The options are great as you can just hire the gear from me or hire the interface and buy the innovate motorsport wide band set up with gauge so that you can always check your air/fuel ratio if you have a concern, Its probably the best money you can spend to insure that your engine is A- safe and B- economical

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