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  1. Dawn

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    Hi All,

    Sorry it's been a wee while since we have updated what's going on here at Harris Marine, it's been a busy couple of months. Our trip south at Christmas went well although the weather was not so accommodating and we didn't get as much boating in as anticipated.

    Our website is slowly taking shape and our Boats and Products page are now underway. These pages as well as this news page are now linked to the web board which makes it easier for us to update. So if you wish to look at either of the above pages listed you can click on the tabs at the top which will take you straight there or go into the web board and scroll to the applicable section. If there's anything we have missed or something you would like to see drop us a line. We will keep adding products here as we go

    In February we held our 2nd Harris Marine Slalom on the Waimak which was enjoyed by everyone and many laughs were had. (we plan to make this an annual event) Pictures and details can be seen on the web board. Mike and I also took part in the Lead Foot Rally the day after so we well and truly got some great boating in that weekend.

    We have 3 new boat builds underway at the moment, ranging from a 4.45 - 4.25, pictures and info on these will be updated as they progress on the web board. Mike has just purchased some more of the latest tuning equipment to help cover a wider range of engines, in particular concentrating on knock control (timing). We now have a cam/valve spring package available for our range of marine LS engines producing approximately 80 more hp out of these phenomenal engines. We have upgraded our machine shop milling machine to a larger model making some of our machining jobs a lot easier and quicker.

    We are currently building display areas in the workshop in preparation for a large amount of SDM stock soon to arrive. We are quite excited about this as it will mean we will have 95% of all SDM parts including jet units in stock ready to be purchased off the shelf.

    Until next time
    Happy Boating

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  2. Mike

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    Hi Guys, Sorry I have been a bit slack on the updates and whats been happening. But we have been working hard on some new stuff which includes the new boat range, we haven't been pushing the boats too much until we nail down some of the issues that go along with building a quality Top handling Hull that we are happy with, That includes the drawings being done to a point where a cutting file can be produced to insure each boat is of the same standard. We are 95% there and will be putting boats together over the next 3 weeks. Boats will be powered with everything from a high HP LS engine to a Lexus to a Mustang V6.
    We are pleased to be on board with Southern jet products which we have had a good run with and find the performance of the jets awesome, They have a good range of gear including 3 blade impellers and trim nozzles which are going well especially the bullet impellers.
    We are also working with Arco marine and will be fitting their jets as well, These are an upgraded 770 type jet we should recieve the first jet later this month, so we are really looking forward to that as well.
    We are back to setting up and fitting the Lexus V8s as well, over the last 4 years we have fitted way more LS engines and the Lexus seemed to slow from around 20 per year we were doing down to around 3 or 4 and the LS engines taking over, but I think the economy has influenced engine selection and we are seeing the Lexus come back (the Lexus is in my opinion the best value for money reliable and economical engine available for jetboating)
    The other engine that is becoming affordable is the 2nd hand LS1, as the engines become more available on the 2nd hand market they represent awesome value for money, they typically come with starters/alternators and computers (which we can tune). We are also seeing some 6L LS engines being available 2nd hand.
    Depending on availability we can generally supply an LS1 (2nd hand) complete marine engine fitted for around $10800+.
    Im am still into the LS engines and keeping up to date with tuning and Cam/head packages as well as full race engine building (The LS engines are a passion of mine).
    The usual day to day servicing and and set up is on going along with a busy phone line for parts, My other passion is for my LS powered HZ ute which had to take a back seat for a while as I needed to get a boat finished...but I am back into it and will update pics soon.
    We are also working on a range of parts/kits on the shelf and have just compleated the moulds to have steering columes cast in custom lengths, That means we will have a std kit as well as a custom kit (same price)available.
    I have also managed to get 10hrs on the motorbike over the last month or so and any of you guys/gals out there want some company while out on the bike then give me a call.......

    Good boating Mike

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