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EXCITING NEWS FOR RiverPro and Harris Marine

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  1. Mike

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    RiverPro Expanding

    When Reuben came on board he expressed a real passion in building alloy boats which he has shown in the hulls he has put together for us in our workshop, his attention to detail and a real desire to turn out a top quality hull is second to none.
    With that passion for the boats Rueben has taken over RiverPro, Reuben and I will be working closely to develop the boats even further, my role will be demonstration and sales while Rueben will work with customers as to the exact specification and produce the boat.
    With this Rueben is in the process of building a new dedicated workshop on his property to manufacture the hulls from. We are also on the move building our own workshop in Kaiapoi. This should be great for customers as it will speed up builds and provide a dedicated workshop for the manufacture of the hulls allowing our shop to be more involved in retail sales / maintenance and tuning.
    Nothing will change in the short term as it will take time to have the workshops built, It is expected that Rueben will be operating in his in around 4 to 6 weeks. While ours is expected to be ready by summer.

    For RiverPro enquires call Reuben 033270923 or 02102710123 email reuben@riverproboats.co.nz

    Mike 033270923 or 0275767227 harrismarine@xtra.co.nz

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  2. Reuben K
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    My wife Joanne and I are both very excited about this opportunity. We relish a challenge and I am determined to put my mark on jet boating in New Zealand. I have always had a desire to build boats and I am continuously looking for new methods or products for polishing and sharpening up the boats so they can be the best they can be.
    Only one thing makes me happier than to see a happy customer leaving in his shiny new RiverPro and that's when I see the boat 6 months later dented and scratched with a bunch of hours booked on it. That's when I know I'm building a boat for its intended purpose, to be driven and enjoyed.
    The new workshop is coming along nicely and is dedicated for boat building and repair work. It is soon to be equipped with the right stuff including a Cebora welder and a hoist (for the heavy repairs). With my continued drive to push the boats further and Mike's tuning and mentoring I believe we can take RiverPro to the next level.
    Looking forward to the future.

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